5K-6K Miles

Oil Change every 5,000 to 6,000 miles.



2 Years

Brake Flush recommended every 2 years.



3 Years

Winterization recommended every 3 years.



4 Years (60K Miles)

BG Trans Flush Service recommended every 60,000 miles or 4 years. *Trans Flush will vary from model to model (speak with a service advisor for details).


BG Fuel Induction Service recommended every 60,000 miles or 4 years.


Fuel Filter every 60,000 miles or 4 years.



5 Years (100K Miles)

Spark Plugs every 100,000 miles or 5 years.

Full exterior and interior detailing available.

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Benz Elite Automotive is a one-stop Mercedes repair shop to sort out all issues you possibly have regarding your cherished cars. Whether it is a simple wiring problem that makes the reverse light stop working, a complex mechanical disturbance with squeaking noises, or anything else in between, there is always a mercedes repair specialist in the shop to restore order. We are confident that we should be the answer anytime you ask for a mercedes repair near me to anyone. Our mercedes garage facility houses not only the latest modern diagnostic tools but also the professionals who operate the equipment. Benz Elite Automotive offers a complete range of Mercedes Benz tune up services including but not limited to:

Mercedes Benz Engine repair:

When the check engine indictor turns on and stays on, there is quite a long list of possible issues. An experienced and trained mercedes mechanic helps identify the problem and performs efficient troubleshooting methods. Our technicians are equipped with a large assortment of specialized devices and tools to complete mercedes engine repair without glitches and prevent recurring issues.

Mercedes Benz Brake repair:

Malfunctioning or damaged brakes compromise the safety of driver and passengers. We check the entire brakes assembly including the thickness of the pads and execute the necessary reparation to make sure that the brakes work like new.

Mercedes Benz Transmission repair:

One of the most technical parts in a car is the transmission. Loss of power, burning smell, and poor fuel efficiency are common symptoms of damages in car transmission system. Our technicians can use computer diagnostic program to figure out the issue before they determine the proper repair methods to take. Only trust professionals to handle transmission problems to prevent fluid leaks in the process. Computer should give an indicator when the engine is overheating and whether the problem is caused by malfunctioning water pumps or other culprits.

Mercedes Benz Diagnostic:

It is recommended that you arrange a regular scheduled maintenance to keep your car at its peak performance. During a mercedes maintenance procedure, a technician may also do a road test to see how the car runs in real life condition. A road test can reveal other issues that computer diagnostic cannot detect such as how firm or soft the suspension should be. Test driver can also determine if the car needs clutch repair. Visual inspection while the car is running helps to notice if oil leaks repair is needed. Vehicle road test is more than just about driving around and shifting gears. A skillful test driver understands how a car should work and notices even the slightest possible malfunction. This not something that every mercedes mechanic near me can do; it is a job best left to professional.